Position Name
Creative Director/ Founder Sean Fisher
Business Director Kurt Myers
Writer Kristi Papin
Writer Dan Johnson

What is BuyCincy?

BuyCincy is an online magazine that writes about locally-owned businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area.


BuyCincy was created in August of 2007 by downtown Cincinnati resident Sean Fisher. Kurt Myers of College Hill soon joined the BuyCincy staff as a writer and business director. BuyCincy organized Cincinnati's first American Unchained event, Cincinnati Unchained on November 17th, 2007. In December of 2007, Dan Johnson joined the BuyCincy staff as an intern writer.


To inspire Cincinnatians to shop at their local grocer, hardware store, furniture store, restaurant, etc. instead of driving to the nearest boring big-box . BuyCincy hopes to show how Cincinnati residents can contribute to the cool places that help make Cincinnati special while strengthening the local economy.


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