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Maya Drozdz of VisuaLingual</a> and Nick Paddock of downtown Cincinnati's Nicholas Gallery have teamed up for A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!, an international tea towel exhibit. Check out the call for entries for information on how to submit your work and further details about the exhibit:


Northside 5/10/08
QuimbobQuimbob 09 May 2008 14:21
in discussion Forum / Events » Northside 5/10/08

This Saturday, Northside is hopping and the weather even seems to want to cooperate !
At 9 AM there will be a bike ride from Hoffner Park to Findlay Market.
So - everybody is, uh, leaving ?
NO ! They are returning to Hoffner Park at noon !
At 11 AM The mayor will dedicate the ArtWorks mural on the building facing Hoffner Park.
Also at 11, the Northside Spring Art Fair begins along the sidewalks on Hamilton Avenue in the Northside business district. Local artists will be selling, paintings, photographs, pottery, blown glass, cards, jewelry and other cool stuff.
At noon The Gardens at the Village Green will open up for an open house and plant sale.
Just past the UDF on Chase and Brookside (everybody's favorite UDF) will be 2 artist's "huge and funky" yard sale.
As usual, great eats are available through the day and evening at Honey, Sidewinder, Gajah Wong, Park Chili, The Comet, The Blue Jay, Melt, The Hideaway, Boswell Alley, Portofino's and the Fifth Amendment.
Eat a lot of food & then burn off those calories dancing through the evening !
In the evening there will be live music at The Gypsy Hut, Northside Tavern and The Comet.
Northside is accessible via Metro's 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 27 & 39.

Northside 5/10/08 by QuimbobQuimbob, 09 May 2008 14:21

Are you going to the Parade? Where do you plan to plant your chair for the big event? Are you going to the game? If not where do you plan to watch the game? Let us know about your plans and any rituals you have for Opening Day.

Where will you be on Opening Day by KurtMKurtM, 27 Mar 2008 13:38

Ahhh, yes. Although I think they recently changed ownership and are now called "Molly Malone's" (not to be confused with the bar with the same name in Covington).

Both excellent suggestions. We are currently working to expand our presence of locally-produced food and wine, but would love to be more involved in other local production venues. Really, Cincinnati has a LOT going on with artists and crafters creating functional work, and it is certainly something we aspire to cover. If you know of a particular resource or local producer, please shoot us an email: sean [at] buycincy [dot] com.

The idea behind a physical presence is also a great one, we are making real inroads in Cincinnati's online community, but there are many shoppers out there we have yet to reach.

Thanks for the ideas, hopefully will some good momentum, we can have the resources to really ramp this up!

Re: An idea, or two by buycincybuycincy, 12 Mar 2008 20:18

Firstly, great site. Supporting local business makes an important difference in communities and anything to that end gets my full support.

I had a some thoughts about how this might be extended a bit.

One idea, which already happens to some extent, is to showcase more local products. As much as supporting local businesses has positive implications for the community and economy, it is also important to support local producers. This is a way to capture more of the local and regional spending needed to create investment in our communities and spur new creative job growth. If we keep buying the designer products from outside the region we are sending our money away. Obviously, this will happen to some extent, but the more local goods we can grow and support the better. In addition, with all the talk of "greeness," local production and local businesses purchasing local goods and services has positive environmental implications. While many of the local businesses you highlight carry and use locally produced goods it would be interesting to see that in more detail.

Another idea that could be related to the first is to have more of a physical presence. Local First has a similar objective, with presumably a lot more resources, but nonetheless, they place a logo identifying participating businesses on-site. This is just one way of building a network of local businesses and creating awareness of the benefits of supporting that network. It is not the best and there are many over examples across the nation.

I think that some sort of sort of cool local ephemera, like stickers, shopping bags, coffee cup sleeves, posters.. could be great to create more awareness. I am sure that there are some willing local artist or designer who would love to help on this.

Thanks for all the hard work.

An idea, or two by justforviewjustforview, 12 Mar 2008 04:49
Re: Bockfest 08
leisportleisport 12 Mar 2008 02:57
in discussion Forum / Events » Bockfest 08

I'm jealous! Wish I could have gone, it sounds like fun. I did enjoy the snow though.

Re: Bockfest 08 by leisportleisport, 12 Mar 2008 02:57

A fun place to go is The Dubliner in Pleasant Ridge. It gets so crowded later in the day that I would suggest you go earlier if you can.

This is a great gem in Bridgetown. The food is fantastic, the selection is enormous, and the people working there are fun. The entire experience is something everyone should sample.

Bridgetown Finer Meats by leisportleisport, 12 Mar 2008 02:48

that's great.
I never paid attention to these things til my mom died and I discovered that she had been collecting the them since the mid 60s.
Thanks Visualingual for recognizing the need for this (to me) strange collectible & thanks BuyCincy for providing the connection !

Re: Commemorative Tea Towels by QuimbobQuimbob, 11 Mar 2008 16:58

It's awesome that you're interested in tea towels! I'm actually working on a series that may be of interest to you. Here is a preview of the first one, which celebrates the vernacular signage in Over-The-Rhine:

I'm placing different products into area stores and galleries, and everything's also available online at my Etsy store:

Where are your favorite local places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? I would think some of the uber-Irish bars would have stuff going on.

Bockfest 08
buycincybuycincy 11 Mar 2008 01:37
in discussion Forum / Events » Bockfest 08

Who else ventured into the blizzard to Bockfest this weekend? We hit Arnold's, Bockfest Hall, Below Zero and Grammer's before getting some much deserved Lucy Blue pizza at 2am. I have to admit, the insane amount of snow was kind of fun.

Bockfest 08 by buycincybuycincy, 11 Mar 2008 01:37

I think VisuaLingual is thinking about doing an OTR-specific tea towel set. Let me check on that.

Re: Commemorative Tea Towels by buycincybuycincy, 11 Mar 2008 01:31

Anybody know of any Cincinnati or Ohio themed commemorative tea towels (dish towels) being available ?
Here is an example of what I am talking about.
Seems like a weird thing to collect, but…..


Commemorative Tea Towels by QuimbobQuimbob, 10 Mar 2008 14:58

Believe it or not, I only got to go into the castle once and I don't remember what I got. All I know is I wanted into that damn castle again.

By far my favorite was a Smurf Pinball game. It was like hitting the lottery.

The new year has brought the sad closing of a Cincinnati icon. Johnny's toys in Greenhills has closed it's doors appearantly forever.
This is a sad day for me. Very similar to the day that 97X went off the airwaves in Cincinnati for the last time. What are your feelings about it?
Tell us your memories of Johnny's Greenhills.

Jan. Sunday brunch menu

Portabella Scramble Brushetta, French Bread Pudding Toast, Vegan Biscuits and Gravy, Monkey Melt, Rosemary Redskin Mess. yum.

Re: Melt - Northside by buycincybuycincy, 06 Jan 2008 21:06

I got some incredible and unique gifts this year from local shops. The organic cotton pants from Park + Vine and Axcent watch from Metronation had to be the highlights. Who else gave or received gifts from Cincinnati-specific places? What'd you get?

Local Gift Giving and Getting by buycincybuycincy, 02 Jan 2008 02:56
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