The Bell And The Hammer

The Bell and the Hammer

Background Information

Origin Cincinnati, OH
Genres Indie Folk, Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter
Years Active 2005 - Present
Label Independent
Website Official Site


Dan Johnson
Serenity Johnson

The Bell and the Hammer are an indie folk band from Cincinnati, OH. Band members are Serenity (vocals, clarinet) and Dan Johnson (vocals, guitar).


They attempt to play shows around the Cincinnati area whenever possible, and recorded a 3 song EP/Demo in the summer of 2007 with local renaissance man, Matt Mooney[1]. A full length record is hopefully coming in 2008.


Reminiscient of Denison Witmer or the Innocence Mission, fans of lo-fi, low-key folk will enjoy The Bell and the Hammer.

1. One of the top ten people in Cincinnati, OH. One of the top three in Blue Ash.

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